Data from assessment tools help people to decide where to focus their efforts. Individual and team profiles are available, as well as in-depth, customized data gathering instruments.

  • The EQ-i 2.0 measures emotional intelligence in areas like adaptability, interpersonal skills, stress management, and decision-making
  • Strengthsfinder 2.0 and the Values-in-Action (VIA) illustrate how core values and personal strengths map to everyday actions and lifelong aspirations
  • The Thomas-Kilman Instrument (TKI) helps you to build conflict resolution skills
  • Style Under Stress test clarifies how you deal with stressful situations where stakes are high, opinions differ, and emotions run strong
  • The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) raises awareness of how you see the world and make decisions
  • Team Management System products, like the Types of Work Profile, help teams to leverage individual strengths to achieve shared goals
  • Social Styles and DiSC illuminate the very different ways that people tend to interact, so people can become more intentional and effective
  • The CoachThink Data Gathering & Diagnostic Framework offers leaders a systematic way to approach strategic change

Assessments are always custom-fit to client goals and preferred ways of working, and they are always linked to specific developmental objectives. Patricia’s academic background links theory to application in practical ways designed to produce results.