Many highly competent individuals have succeeded through hard work, perseverance, and an uncompromising, results-oriented attitude fueled by personal ambition and high standards of excellence. Stellar individual performance has been known to earn well deserved accolades, and financial success has often followed. Nothing reinforces behavior better than what works. So why is it that the Lone Ranger no longer appears as a heroic figure on the corporate landscape today?

This is why.  Knowledge-intensive, complex projects require more of us than individual competence. Teamwork—that is, highly collaborative work accomplished by a diverse set of individuals—is the norm in organizations today.

Collective action toward shared goals requires new skills from those who largely made their mark through individual excellence. New competencies are now highlighted, such as the ability to lead strategic change, energize the team, and resolve competing perspectives. Collaborative resolution is required—not through competition, bullying, and arguing over line items in the contract—but through effective partnering that produces shared insights and a path forward that addresses the interests and concerns of everyone involved.

Teamwork is a core pillar of organization success.

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