Patti Millar is the founder of CoachThink, an adaptive client-focused company that specializes in leadership development, interpersonal dynamics, and strategic change. Trained in participative, action-oriented methodologies, Patti partners with individuals and groups to clarify goals and design strategies for achieving them.

Coaching from the core to the context.

In business settings, Patti has consulted in a range of industries, from defense and technology to civilian agencies, small businesses, and non-profits. She combines deep familiarity with adult learning and group process with a dedication to fully understanding the context in which each client operates.

As an organizational change consultant, she adds value by working directly with leaders as a developmental coach, thinking partner, and advisor. Patti is a designer and a strategist.  She gathers real-time, relevant data that enable her to collaboratively design activities that enhance clarity and purpose. Additional clarity produces energy, intention, and behavioral change, and these together produce business results.  She is adept at helping leaders to translate goals that are articulated at the highest levels of the business into behavioral terms at every level, from teams to individuals, and across organizational boundaries.