At CoachThink, we believe that people can grow and change over the entire course of their career and lifespan. Your personal coach will facilitate a program of self-discovery and action that accelerates learning about your authentic self, the contexts in which you live and work, and the people and relationships most important to your success. Whether you are an executive leader or a person-in-transition, the CoachThink methodology brings about deep and sustainable change by relentlessly sticking to these three principles:

  • Strengths-based change. Your personal best and ultimate success requires an intimate familiarity with your core strengths, and even your passions.
  • Aligned with your environment. Your personal best operates within an interactive context of relationships, personalities, politics, and market forces.
  • Oriented toward action. Armed with self- and situational awareness, interaction coaching requires you to set up real-time and iterative feedback loops that give you the data you need to know you're progressing.

By bringing out your personal best, CoachThink's value-added coaching services enable you to Be Good, Do Good, and Feel Good ... more of the time.

Be Good

Strengths-based change is all about doing what you do best, more of the time … and visibly. Be seen. Get noticed. Don’t hide your light under a basket, or demur when recognized for a fabulous contribution. Say, “Isn’t it great when any of us have the opportunity to do our best work? How can we bring out the best in ourselves and others, every moment of every day?

"Be good" also means to live your values and set your standards high. Don’t succumb to cynicism or blaming. It’s not productive. Instead, reach out and re-energize. CoachThink can help you to reconnect with your hopes and dreams with a practical, results-oriented approach to achieving them. And you’ll have fun along the way!

Do Good

Being competent is important. And so is figuring out the particular talents of everyone on your team. Gap assessments, individual performance feedback, and corporate report cards definitely provide essential data—where are the holes? What did we miss? Where did we fail or fall down? 360° assessments and other diagnostic tools can be useful to sharpen a laser focus on what needs to shift. But from there, an emphasis on strengths-based change can accelerate progress, far more than examining the deficits in greater detail.

"Do good" also means to think beyond the bottom line. How do my goals, priorities, and ways of working impact the larger organization? Do short-term results compromise our collective capabilities and enduring outcomes? How does my work today fit into the bigger picture and my overall life trajectory? Are we on a sustainable path?

CoachThink coaching employs systems-thinking systematically, stimulating you to consider the broader context (macro-level) while establishing clear connections to the core (micro-level). Your action plan will be aligned to the core and to the context.

Feel Good

When we’re doing what we love and doing it well, we’re happy and productive. Teams work better and harder. Individuals are more engaged, and long hours are seen as a worthwhile investment toward important goals instead of "what you have to do to get ahead."

"Feel good" also means taking care of yourself. Your whole self—inside and out—at work and at home. First, there is nothing more important than your health. If your health is compromised, it deserves a focused change program. With that baseline, we work on wellbeing in every aspect of life: physical, social, financial, career, and community, too. Each component is interdependent on the other.

CoachThink approaches to developing personal and career wellbeing assume that you can not only survive, you can thrive. And that certain areas of life are ripe for change at different times. There is a season for everything under the sun. So our customer-centric, customized approach to individual development hones in on exactly where and how you want to work.

"The future is not some place we are going to, but one we are creating. The paths to it are not found but made, and the activity of making them changes both the maker and the destination." ~ John Schaar

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