According to CoachThink, some of the most important work that leaders must accomplish includes:

  • Building a culture that energizes and engages people
  • Communicating a vision worth achieving, a strategy that makes sense, and a road map that people can follow
  • Adjusting plans in time to meet changing conditions
  • Working across boundaries, between groups, and at many levels

It's not easy to address the complex dynamics that affect organizations today.  Patti employs a variety of diagnostic and decision-support tools to enable leaders to understand how their groups currently operate and enhance clarity about what they want to see in the future.

Patti's custom-designed data & analysis framework has been used in numerous organization design and strategic change efforts.  Her strengths as a facilitator include the ability to listen deeply, think out of the box, and engage people in highly generative conversations that open up possibilities for change and a path forward in complex situations. 



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