Of business consultants and coaches who use action research methods to support strengths-based change. With a focus on relationships and results, CoachThink service offerings and tools enhance the ability of individuals, teams, groups, and corporations to take action toward shared goals. Team and organizational-level services are augmented with an evidence-based approach to individual coaching, in context.

Our purpose and passion is to:

  • Facilitate processes of discovery that help people to recognize and develop their strengths, while collaborating effectively to organize work and get results
  • Use practical, robust approaches that enable groups to evoke, display, and apply their collective intelligence to address complex challenges
  • Link theory and research to action, so that development projects have clear outcomes and mechanisms to track and measure results
  • Inject energy for change into living systems, enabling the groups with which we work to overcome obstacles and creatively address conflict
  • Invite diverse and even competing perspectives in constructive ways, so that people get unstuck, shift gears, and act now to achieve their full potential